Faculty of Liberal Studies

This department aims at achievement of basic academic ability which is requisite for major subjects. We demand students to acquire the knowledge and education to go out into the world, and to cultivate vivid humanity. Based on the curriculums at the general high schools and colleges, our curriculum is planned to acquire general knowledge, sociality, and internationalism.

In the course from the first to third grade, we unify the names of subjects and contents and provide the subjects necessary for Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates. In these three grades, all the subjects are compulsory. We attempt that our three ICT departments are even with basic contents and levels of ICT related education. For that purpose, we provide common educational subjects for students studying in all the combined departments.

At the fourth and fifth grades, we arrange the general subjects agreed with the characteristics of each department. For example, our curriculum is organized to connect with major subjects. We offer students the subjects with accordance with a stage of development. Additionally, at these higher grades, the students can select the subjects for general education. We recommend students to make full use of the audiovisual equipment.

Academic Staff of Kumamoto Campus

update April, 2024


NameDegreeMajor Field
MITSUNAGA Takeshi M.A. English Literature, English Education
ISHIHARA Hideki M.Sc. Algebra
KUDO Tomohiro Ph.D. Physics Education
NAGANO Takuya D.Li. French Philosophy
KUSUMOTO Jitsuko Ph.D. American Literature
HORIMOTO HiroshiD.Sc.Algebra

Associate Professor

NameDegreeMajor Field
TOHYAMA Takayoshi Ph.D. History of Western Political Thought, Politics
TAKAKI Tomoko Ph.D. English Literature
IWATA Daisuke Bachelor Kinesiology
YAMASAKI Mitsuhiro D.Sc. Algebraic Geometry
KIKUCHI Kohshi Ph.D. Functional Analysis, Mathematical food engineering
MATSUGAMI Masaru Ph.D. Solution Chemistry
MATSUO Kanako M.A. American Literature
IRIE Hideya

Assistant Professor

NameDegreeMajor Field
ISHIDA Akio D.Sc. Complex analysis
UDO MarikoM.Ed. Japanese Education

Academic Staff of Yatsushiro Campus

update April, 2024


NameDegreeMajor Field
FUJIMOTO Yoichi M.Eng. Computer Science
SHINOMIYA Ichiro Bachelor Sport Movement and Behaviour
TOKIMATSU Masafumi M.Ec. Economics
UNOKI Hirofumi M.A. American Literature
OSHIMA Shunsuke D.Eng. Computer Science
KOBAYASHI Yukito M.La. Philosophy of Law, Engineer Ethics Education, Engineer Ethics Education
HIGASHIDA Yoji D.Sc. Elementary Particle Physics, Physics Education
MURATA MiyukiPh.D.Computer Science

Associate Professor

NameDegreeMajor Field
KOBACHI Nobuo M.Sc. Differential Equations, q-Analogues, Algebra
SEKI Fumio M.A. General Linguistics, Phonology
HAMADA Sayaka D.Ma. Functional equations, Topology
MICHIZONO Tatsuya D.Li. Modern Japanese Literature
IWASHITA Izumi D.Li.English Literature
IWAO Koki D.Sc. Atmospheric Science
FUKUI YumikoM.A.English Literature


NameDegreeMajor Field
KAWAO Hayato M.Ed. Kinesiology, Health Education and Promotion
IKEDA Tsubasa M.L. Contemporary Japanese Literature

Professor Commission

NameDegreeMajor Field
ISOGAWA Satoru M.Sc. Commutative Algebra

Project Professor

NameDegreeMajor Field
JODOI Koki Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry

Project Associate Professor

NameDegreeMajor Field
ISOGAI Masashi M.Eng. Mathematics Education