WLAN for visitors (eduroam)

Usage of wireless LAN network for visitors (eduroam)

  • Member of institution participating in “eduroam”
    You can use the SSID “eduroam” with affiliated institution’s credentials.
  • Other visitors
    You can use the SSID “eduroam” with a visitor account issued at our school during your stay at our school.

Terms of service

Please observe the following when you use the eduroam network at our school.

  • Keep your devices properly secured.
  • Do not upload / download large amounts of data.
  • Use only for the purpose of education and research.

For visitor account users

  • When you use a visitor account, you have to submit the application form.
  • Keep your credentials from public.
  • When you finally finish using the network at our school, do not forget to remove the SSID “eduroam” from your device to clear credentials.

Log recording

When you use our eduroam network, the following logs are recorded on our log storage. We may use these logs to investigate connection problems or illegal use of network. We may also provide logs to eduroam operators or your affiliated institution for investigation:

  • Authenticated time
  • User name (e.g. abc@example.ac.jp)
  • Authentication success / failure
  • Device information (host name, MAC address, etc.)
  • IP address assigned by our eduroam network

These logs are required in the “eduroam Compliance Statement“.