We have three centers: Center for Information Security, Center for Industry Collaboration Project, and Global Leadership Development Center.

Center for Information Security

Center for Information Security promotes the field of information security. And the center is in charge of collecting and administering academic information and educational resources.

It provides the information, multi-media teaching materials and e-learning contents, and self-learning environment through its ICT facilities. It is also eager to promote mutual cooperation with and supports technical education of the community.

The center consists of :

a) ICT equipment section
b) ICT education section
c) information security section

under the supervision of the director and the co-director.

Center for Industry Collaboration Project

National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College considers it their mission to develop together with the local community, taking advantage of the College’s advanced educational resources and potential for technological innovation.

The primary goal of the Center for Industry Collaboration Project is to promote cooperation with local industries, in an effort to set up an emergent technological development (innovation) that leverages the research achievements and technologies being develop on each campus.

The center, therefore, not only provides specific expertise knowledge but also lays emphasis on engaging in collaborative research and development projects with the local community.

The center also regards it as their responsibility to familiarize students and local community with emergent opportunities, and expose them to an ideal environment that fosters creativity and self-sustainability.

Our center has these sections to promote specific activities.

1. Industrial Collaboration Section
2. Intellectual Property Section

Global Leadership Development Center

In the modern engineering education, it is required to develop practical engineers equipped with problem-solving skills, communication competences, and good senses of collaboration. In addition, in accordance with the progress of globalization, it will be essential for future practical engineers to be good at collaboration, negotiation and management in “global” contexts.

Global Leadership Development Center, to cope with this social situation, will begin with establishing the following projects:

The Center consists of the following division:

1) Global Education Project
Students, through the activities of this project, are expected to acquire “global” points of view and senses of collaboration to be practical “global” engineers.

2) Leadership Development Project
This project aims at educating students to be leaders in the “next” generation with leadership, management abilities and senses of collaboration. Workshops for developing the sense of leadership and volunteer activities, for example, are included as activities of this project.