Department of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering helps students to acquire solid grounding in mechanical engineering and also deals with a wide range of technological fields including electrical, electronic, information and automatic control, and communication system engineerings.

The purpose of the education offered in the department is to cultivate multi-discipline engineers who can contribute to manufacturing technologies in various fields of production activities.

In the curriculum, students are offered a wide variety of subjects in mechanical engineering and other technological fields. Our core subjects include the history of technology, machine design drawing, method of processing, strength of materials, fluid dynamics, control engineering, and information programming.

Various elective subjects, including environmental energy technology and robot technology, are offered according to students’ interests and goals in order to study their specialized subjects along with multiple technological fields.

The department also provides students with a variety of practical manufacturing situations. Through such practical subjects as manufacturing practice, experiments on mechanical and intelligent systems engineering, and integrated mechanical design, students will work on their research during their final year.

We aim to produce multi-discipline engineers who, integrating and employing technical skills learned in the department, can contribute to manufacturing technologies by designing and developing such complex systems as automobiles and robots, and who can also understand the effects of products on society and other social concerns from a broad perspective.

  • Engineering Research Autonomous running device for radiation measurement
  • Engineering Drawing II Students use 3D CAD software
  • High-end 5-axes simultaneous machining

Academic Staff

Update April, 2019


Name Degree Major Field
Sinichiro KOBA D.Eng. Materials and Properties of Superconductors, Solid State Electronics
Akinori ODA D.Eng. Nuclear Engineering, Control Engineering
Kaoru FURUSHIMA D.Eng. Thermal Engineering
Teiichi TANAKA D.Eng. Fluid Engineering
Zon MORI D.Eng. Electronic Engineering
Hirofumi IYAMA D.Eng. Technology of Plasticity, Inpact Engineering
Yuichi TANAKA D.Eng. CAD/CAE/CAM, Manufacturing Technology
Junichiro YUJI Ph.D. Sensing Technology

Associate Professor

Name Degree Major Field
Koichi MURAYAMA D.Eng. Electric Power Engineering
Tohru YAMASHITA D.Eng. Thermal Engineering
Sohei NISHIMURA D.Eng. Acoustic Engineering


Name Degree Major Field
Masatoshi NISHI D.Eng. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Assistant Professor

Name Degree Major Field
Takuya KAKIGAHARA D.Eng. Computational Dynamics, Biomechanics

Project Professor

Name Degree Major Field
Shigeru TOYOURA D.Eng. Precision Machining
Hiroyuki MIYAMOTO D.Eng. Fluid Engineering