Department of Biological and Chemical Systems Engineering

The new department of “Biological and Chemical Systems Engineering” was established, with the aim of bringing up biological and chemical engineers having skills of information and electronic technology.

They are expected to be able to contribute to the rapid progress of the novel industries such as foods, chemicals, medicals, electronics and information industry in 21st century. In those industries, the creative development of advanced biotechnology, chemical technology, information technology and electronic technology is essential for the production of novel compounds, materials, instruments and software.

The department provides educational programs covering biological sciences, material chemistry, information technology, electronic technology and production systems. The department is also equipped with facilities and instruments to enhance student understanding of these subjects.

  • Scene of graduate study
  • Scene of biological experiment
  • Scene of biochemistry experiment

Academic Staff

Update April, 2023


NameDegreeMajor Field
YUMIHARA Kazuyo D.Eng. Applied Microbiology
OSHIMA Kenji D.Eng. Organic Synthesis, Bioorganic Chemistry
HAMABE Yuko D.Eng. Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry

Associate Professor

NameDegreeMajor Field
MOGAMI Norifumi D.Sc. Plant Physiology
WAKASUGI ReikoD.Eng.Chemical Engineering
MOTOKI Junya D.Sc. Developmental Biology
KIHARA Kumiko D.Sc. Symbiosis and Evolution, Systems biology
FUTAMI Yoshisuke Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Crystal Technology
YOSHINAGA Keisuke D.Eng. Immunology, Antibody Engineering


NameDegreeMajor Field
NAKAJIMA Akira D.Eng. Electronic Circuit
TOMIZAWA Satoshi D.Eng. Biochemical Engineering