Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering

Nowadays, many products are provided with microcomputers, and the microcomputer performs necessary work by analyzing various kinds of information. This operation is based on computer technology and it can be carried out by unifying related software and hardware as an integrated system.

In this department, students will be provided with skills relative to control-related technology, information-related technology, and unified system with these technologies. Therefore, it is denominated as “Department of Control and Information Systems Engineering”.

In this department, students in the first grade through the third grade will acquire basic skills and knowledge concerning electricity and electronics, such as electric/electronic circuit or electromagnetism, and basic skills and knowledge concerning computer and information processing.

And the higher grades students, the fourth and the fifth grades, learn advanced technology concerning control theory, instrumentation engineering, image processing engineering, biomechanics (bionics/ergonomics technology), programming language, software computing (knowledge date processing/artificial intelligence technology), and advanced technique concerning embedded technology through lectures and seminars.

In addition, through general project learning, such as graduation research, students will acquire technique for designing and developing integration system.

The aim of this department is to train practical engineers with these technologies.

  • A study on the sound radiation pattern of violin
  • Engineering English class in Singapore
  • Humanoid Robot Tichno

Academic Staff

update April, 2024


NameDegreeMajor Field
OHTSUKA Hirofumi D.Eng. Control Engineering, Welfare engineering
HAKATA Tetsuya D.Eng. Microcontroller Application
SHIBASATO Koki Ph.D. Assistive Technology and Welfare Engineering, Control Engineering
FUJIMOTO Shinichiro D.Sci. Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Energy Astrophysics
SHIMADA Yasuyuki D.Eng. Medical Care-Welfare Engineering, Computer Networking and Cyber Security
NAKASHIMA HidetoshiD.Eng.Acoustic Engineering, Digital Signal Processing

Associate Professor

NameDegreeMajor Field
MATSUO Kazunori D.Eng. Fundamental Informatics, Intelligent Informatics
BU Nan D.Eng. Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering
TERADA Shinya D.Eng. Electronic Circuit
NISHIMURA Yuya D.Eng. Acoustic Engineering


NameDegreeMajor Field
NOJIRI Kousei M.Eng. Instrumentation Engineering, Biomechanics

Project Professor

NameDegreeMajor Field
NAGATA MasanobuD.Eng.Control Engineering, Welfare Engineering, Sensing of Biological Information