Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

 This department combines architecture and civil engineering. We aim to grow practical engineers with the ability for the fundamental designing to contribute to society.

For this goal, students learn solid, professional, and basic technique, as well as knowledge of technique of information communication in order to live in a highly information society. At the same time, we consider the local culture and history, an information society in the future, environment, and disaster prevention.

On this basis, we put a new image of civil engineering working on “cooperation with a local community” into “a design of society”, that is, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

In the actual course of study, with the consideration of aspects above mentioned, we take advantage of a system of information communication and instrumentation techniques.

We strongly expect students to acquire an ability of designing for urban planning and maintenance of social infrastructure, which is essential for “making a local society and town”.

  • Hospital gallery in Kumamoto Rosai Hospital (realized by the workshop with community people)
  • Hydraulic model experiment of Kumagawa River basin
  • Structural experiment with 1000kN universal testing machine

Academic Staff

Update April, 2019


Name Degree Major Field
Toshio URANO D.Eng. Building Material and Construction
Sadayuki SHIMODA D.Eng. Architectural Design
Hiroki IRIE D.Eng. Spatial Information Engineering, GNSS
Kaname IWATSUBO D.Eng. Steel Structural Engineering, Structural Engineering
Manabu MORIYAMA D.Eng. History of Architecture, Architectural Design

Associate Professor

Name Degree Major Field
Yuji KAMIKUBO D.Eng. Coastal Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering
Junya HASHIMOTO D.Eng. Planning in Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering
Koji KATSUNO D.Eng. Architecutural Planning and Design
Katsuhiko GOTO D.Eng. Structure Construction
Takeju MATSUKA D.Eng. Concrete Engineering縲`aterial Engineering

Assistant Professor

Name Degree Major Field
Katsuhiro MORISHITA D.Eng. Environmental Information Measurement
Saki KAWAGUCHI D.Eng. Urban Planning
Kota WAKINAKA D.Eng. Geotechnical Engineering

Project Professor

Name Degree Major Field
Ikuo SAITO D.Eng. Architectural Environmental Engineering