Department of Human-Oriented Information Systems Engineering

Information technology (IT) has become indispensable to various services such as medicine, transportation, administration, financing, and distribution, all of which are closely connected to our daily lives. IT is expected not only to increase efficiency in speed and quantity in order to improve the amenities in life but also to enrich our lives by considering sensory aspects, which will enable more people to fully enjoy their lives. Furthermore, computers and information systems that take an important part in our lives need to be more user-friendly and have a high level of security.

The Department of Human-Oriented Information Systems Engineering aims to devise information systems useful for our social infrastructure and daily lives through combining computer science and human-environment technology. For this purpose, the department studies people-friendly information systems that will enrich our lives and produces profoundly sensitive IT engineers with a high level of competence in various fields.

Students at the department will study a wide range of courses including Information Process Engineering, Kansei (Sensitivity) Engineering, Human Support Engineering, Mathematics for Information Processing, Computer Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, and Multimedia Engineering. Students will also improve their technological and communication skills through a final graduate research project. Additionally, they are given opportunities for designing information systems and software programming.

We seek to produce creative and sensitive IT engineers through the five-year undergraduate and two-year advanced course.

Academic Staff

update April, 2018

Title Name Degree Major Field
Professor Ningping SUN Ph.D. Algorithms Engineering, Computer Graphics
Yoshifumi OYAMA D.Eng. Image, Electric and Information Engineering, MOT
Jun MURAKAMI D.Eng. Statistical Analysis, Numerical Calculation
Kazuo KOMATSU D.Eng. System Control Engineering, Signal Processing
Kimiyasu KIYOTA D.Eng. Kansei Information Engineering
Toshinori NAWATA D.Eng. Mathematical Information Engineering, Control Engineering
Manabu SHIMAKAWA D.Eng. Systems Engineering, Soft Computing
Naoki YAMAMOTO D.Eng. Numerical Calculation,Statistical Analysis
Kazuhiro KOSHI D.Eng. Assistive Technology, Kansei Information Engineering
Chiharu OKUMA D.Sc. Numerical Calculation, Digital Signal Processing
Jin AKAISHI Ph.D. Artificial Life
Kei FUJII D.Sc. Human Interface Technology, Speech Processing
Yuichiro KANZAKI D.Eng. Software Protection
Mitsutaka NAKANO D.Eng. Computer Architecture,Assistive Technology
Title Name Degree Major Field
Professor Commission Masazumi MIYOSHI D.Eng. Signal Processing, Kansei Information Engineering